Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dick Catuto's Starter Bike

Another great swing-arm frame custom Triumph. This bike was a survivor up until about 1991 when it was found in SoCal, sold on ebay and appropriately listed as a Cycle World cover bike. If my memory serves me (it rarely does) the bike sold for a few grand. I have pictures from that listing that I really wanted to include in this post, but they are stuck on my old computer with no way of transferring. At the time of the ebay sale the bike was very close to original condition and it would have been extremely easy to restore it back to exactly how it looked as pictured in these articles. Anyone know what happened to it? Yes you can bore your pre-unit cylinders to .080" over.
"Reflects Action" 1963 Car Craft
"Wheelie Page" 1964 Complete Book of Motorcycling
Cover Bike "Something For a Starter" 1964 Cycle World

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