Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Modern Day Wicked Witch Article

Well almost current, and almost a decade old being from 2001. A big thanks to Rene Muir for sending this excellent quality scan in of the Swedish magazine MCM. Bike looks to have still been in California at this time, and since only a fool would mess with a such a beautifully built machine we can only assume that is still alive and well. Dig the Joe Hunt magneto mounted upside down for carb clearance. Love the subtle pinstriping. The cut away rear brake plate with drilled brake shoes is a stroke of brilliance...
2001 MCM


  1. Rene , you rule ! Thanks for that.

  2. Hey fellas I just remembered seeing this bike in photos of the 2009 GNRS,so I did a search and came up with Billdozer's flicker photostream,
    here's the link
    cheers Rene