Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Von Dutch Engine Designs ???

A few neat overhead cam designs including the highly modified Triumph engine at top borrowed from http://www.arielmotorcycles.com/ that Pete from San Diego reminded me of. Maybe instead of worrying about "Redefining the Rebel Lifestyle!" the bogus "Von Dutch Kustom Cycles" should have taken the obscene amount of money they made whoring out the mans name and invested in something that actually had anything to do with his real work. How cool would that have been? But that would have taken inspired thought and dedication. Real vision is a endangered concept in this country these days. It's so much easier to cash in with Harley clone Jesse James ripoffs and cut off everything on the surface of "Kustom Kulture" and paste it onto modern history like a temporary tattoo on Britanny Spears ass. We will get our Iron Crosses back. We are getting our choppers back, and some day when the fad passes and the name is dropped because every last cent that could be, was squeezed out of it, we will get our Von Dutch back. Only when the "bobber Revolution" has ended. PUKE!

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