Friday, October 2, 2009

Survivor Pics of Katoot's 1957 Triumph

Update! Jonnie Green check's the blog and sent me a email with the story quoted below on the Catuto bike and the pics from 1991 that are stuck on my old peice of crap computer. A pair of vintage tires and a few other minor details and it's 1964 again!

"I was the seller who sold the Dick Catuto Bike, I purchased it from his brother who tendered bar at the Beverly Hill Hotel for years, as you state the bike only got about $3500 and went to some chap in Arizona, he drove out to my house in Los Angeles to pick it up and was stoked, I had Scott Craig paint the Tank and Fender and the pinstriping I had Von Franco do. Another one I wish I had never sold."


  1. Love this bike , great to see it looking so good all those years later .
    The wheelie shot in the vintage article is the business.