Monday, October 26, 2009

Long Live The Memory of Von Dutch

No other man will ever be able to fill his boots. The best source for researching his work and philosophies has almost doubled in price since I bought it a few years ago, but the inspirational value of it is priceless.
"Use any of my stuff you want to. NOTHING is original! Everything is in the subconscious, we just "tap" it sometimes and THINK we have originated something. Genes make us more or less interested in certain things but NOTHING is truly original!" Von Dutch.
1965 Modern Cycle


  1. Yep Kenneth Howard was the shit!

  2. In 1967 I was 17 and my father bought a new 73cc Sachs dirt bike for me at Canoga Cycle shop. Shop owner knew Von Dutch so we went to his place in Calabasas. Von Dutch pinstriped my gas tank and airbox for free. He told of a striping job he did for a cop's boat to get a ticket fixed. Von Dutch said he used paint that would never dry! Bruce Posten, Palmdale, Cal.