Thursday, October 29, 2009

1965 BSA Lightning Road Burner

Gonna round out the week with BSA stuff and then next week return to the normal highly biased Triumph content. Ever notice how abundant BSA A65/A50 stuff is? Usually some at every swap meet and usually pretty cheap. Especially if you wait till the end of the day with your low ball offers. I sold a nearly complete A65 engine once at the end of the day to some SOB swap meet cheap skate for $50 because I didn't want to carry it out. I've got a litter of 1966 Lightning engines crowding the floor of one of my work benches now. Besides being cheap they're damn good bikes. Just as good as any unit construction Triumph. Definitely recommended for the poor boy builders. Don't really like the way the weld on hardtails look on them though (I'm guilty of building one of those before, myself). It would be cool to see some guys build custom A65 swingarm frame chops. Oh yeah, the Lightning article. Bob Greene and a new 1965 Lightning out at El Mirage Dry Lake. Good stuff.

1965 Hot Rod

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  1. i got a 66 a65l with race cam in pieces. wish i had time to rebuild it and mone to build a flattracker with it