Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1965 BSA Spitfire Hornet Scrambler

The BSA shirt, painted helmet, machine and riding skill / performance level WITH NO GLOVES makes this photo shoot amazing. Not to mention this is one of the most bad ass Scramblers ever.
1965 Speed & Custom

1966 ad

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  1. Hey, I don't know how long this info has been up, but it's really interesting, thanks!
    I own a '65 Hornet and hope to have it finished by March or April 2014. The non-standard disc brake front end needs replacement with something genuine-BSA from that era (got this), I need to source appropriate carbies (not sure which way to go here) and the motor & gearbox needs a rebuild (got this organized) A local cutom bike shop called Mid Life Cycles is helping out with the build. I just had the fiberglass racing tank & side covers painted a very 60s custom metal-flake blue. It's going to look awesome. I'll see if I can keep you posted.
    Thanks for the terrific 'Speed and Custom' mag article!!
    Andy (Melbourne, Australia)