Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Revell Models Triumph Custom Show Bike

Original release 1964.

"Many different makes of bikes go under the customizer's torch, but the all-time favorite among riders and show goers alike is the Triumph. This light-weight, agile, English made motorcycle is "at home" wherever it goes. Whether on the street, the track or in the show, the Triumph competes with the best."


  1. angelfink... I made that model many moons ago, I loved 650's and that was the kit to have.To this day as I write this comment I still have the dunlop rear tire from that model hanging on a motocross trophy I won in the 10'th grade. You dig up the coolest stuff!

  2. Angelfink, what's new? The tires from these kits are so cool. Perfect little copies of vintage tread with lettering and everything!