Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Triumph Pre-Unit Drag Bike

"Thought you might enjoy these pics. Bike was built in the mid 60s on the east coast. Lots of neat stuff. 57 Triumph T110 with a very early 58 date code Bonneville head, H & C Roller Cam, dellortos, Robbins pistons, Lucas racing Mag."

Jeff Thompson

Neat stuff for sure, and a beautiful restoration. The TR5 frame makes for a very short and lightweight chassis. Really nice design and fabrication. Dellorto's are lovely aren't they?


  1. Great pictures of an awesome bike!

  2. I believe this is the orange bike I've seen posted elsewhere on the internet. I'm sure as hard as it was to change the original bike, this is an incredible restoration and a huge improvement in my opinion.