Friday, October 2, 2009


Jon Rispante from Las Vegas just picked himself up a crazy cool, original 1960's Triumph show-bike. Dig the fins on the cut seat loop. Trippy 60's paint and molding that can not be duplicated. Skinny ass aluminum front hoop. Huge finned exhaust pipe clamps that I'd kill for. The best part is that he isn't going to mess with it at all besides building it back up to be rideable again. I love it!

"Sold new at Detroit Triumph, chopped in '66, and spent it's whole life in the same town (till now)"


  1. sweet. love those old custom swing arm triumph chops. I wish people did more of them now a days instead of automatically going with the hard tail. I think they look a lot cooler. great post.

  2. Could that be early FINCH work with the scoops in the tank and side panels??? I'll ask em at
    Rhinebeck 2010.

  3. Definitely could be the case. That's a great point. Comes from the right area and time frame!