Friday, October 23, 2009

Get 'em While You Still Can

All the prime ingredients for a show & go masterpeice. A cosmetic resto and it's a show winner for sure. See here.

I love the Connolly CAM brass badge. Does anyone out there know the story on these? Anyone know a source for having little stamped badges like this made?

Another one from the same seller up for bid now. This bike is already a show & go masterpeice. Engine built by a master tuner from back in the day. Period correct suspension upgrades. Damn this thing looks fun. This bike is worth WAY more than any bolt on hardtail bike will ever be. Check it out.


  1. Thanks for posting my bikes, glad you like them. Connelly was a pretty well known triumph motor builder in the North West (Portland). this is the second preunit I've had with one of his tags on it. Glad someone else likes the '56. the bike is a blast to ride and dead reliable. Everyone seems to think they have to have a rigid. Love the blog.

  2. Right on - The '56 is bitchin'. It would be a shame if someone F*ct it up with a bolt on. Thanks.

  3. I saw these over on Born Loser , dig them both .
    I would ride the wheels off that black one as it stands .