Thursday, October 22, 2009

O'Boyle's Rigid & Schneider's Bonneville

The rigid bike looks to have one of the earliest custom made coffin tanks I've ever seen. A cool transition custom from the early Show-Bike style into the Chopper era. Unsafe above 70 MPH? B.S. I'd ride that mother WFO on the freeway! Looks like it would handle just fine.
The purple bike is a 1959 Bonneville! This is how we do it in California. It would be great to take it to the British meets and make the purists cringe. Notice that they lifted the back of the long Wassell tank to give it the right lines. That's a must when using these tanks on Triumph's. Stripped down with a hot engine, I wouldn't change a thing.
1965 Modern Cycle

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