Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Webco NEW Products Flyers

So it's the late 1950's and you have a motorcycle shop that ordered a Webco catalog and got on their mailing list. In the mail you get these catalog updates. I have two of them and would very much like to find more. Here is a few highlights from the first two.

The holy grail of custom Triumph rear fenders. From this first flyer they also offered Finned tappet covers for BSA A10's and Indian twins, as well as alloy timing gear sets (Not recommended!) for Triumph's and BSA's twins.

From the second flyer we have dual carb air cleaners for T-120 and TR-7 making me think this one dates from 1960. The Sports Machine head light assembly is cool.

I want a set of these for Triumph's!

I'll take one of these too.

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