Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1960 Triumph TR7 aka The T120

It leaked gas when put on it's sidestand, coughed at idle and left it's mark with oil drips over night when brand new from JoMo. But it had power to spare, handled great and looked amazing. The 1960 Triumph Bonneville. From all the information I have there were never ANY Bonnevilles stamped with the TR7 designation. As far as I know it was just an American advertisement based keyword to connect this new model with the much loved TR6 that this new Bonneville was based on. I believe that ALL Bonnevilles regardless of year or destination were stamped T120.
Also, A and B models were not stamped on the machine and as far as I know there is no record to research what a specific motorcycle was. Unfortunately, no matter what year or type of Triumph you might have, you will not know if it was a A or B model. Of course there are other designations such as C or R models and a host of others that do have the letters stamped on the engines, but the A and B designations were not stamped anywhere on the Triumph's.
1960 CYCLE Magazine

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