Friday, July 10, 2009

1959 Triumph TR6

What a fun read and cycle test by the late - great Bob Greene. Bob was a champion of motorcycling and true enthusiast being the editor of the 1960's and early 70's "Motorcycle Sport Books" by Peterson publishing and typing up many a road test and cycle story for Hot Rod magazine and others. Read a short Bio at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame HERE. He did stories on every type of motorcycling during his career including 1960's Harley Choppers, Brit Customs, Off Road Machines, etc. etc.

Nice little bike test by entering the Big Bear Race! Mostly stock except Flanders handlebars and a bigger sprocket in back. Bob brings up another good point about the slick shift besides the speed shifting aspect: If you break a clutch cable you can still get home and come to stops without killing the engine. I been there and could have used that feature before. The short comings of the king of desert sleds as mentioned by Bob is a common list of mods that were made to the TR6 during this period for cross country use. The kickstand: Remove it or replace with a Superior brand side stand. The air cleaner: Remove the toolbox and battery and replace stock air cleaner with larger side mount item in place of the tool box. The stock high pipes: Replace with a variety of MCM high pipes that give better access to oil tank and primary cover. And the seat: Bates all the way...

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