Thursday, July 16, 2009

DeathTraps MC

I Love My Motorcycle Club!!! DeathTraps Support! Holly took these photos and more while we were on our Biltwell Bash run.
She is one bitchin' biker chik and a helluva good picture taker. Besides the picture above of her these were all taken while she was on a motorcycle. The green Evo chop is Josh's old bike. I'm glad she has it. Now we have to get Josh another ride!


Jonathan, our President and Tramp Mike behind him.

Your dedicated Triumph enthusiast and Show & Go blog author.

The Biltwell guys did a post on us on their blog recently and were kind enough to post a link to our newfangled WEBSITE. Please check it out and if you would be so kind as to spread the link around and maybe buy one of our revolutionary T-Shirts we would be forever gratefull!

The Biltwell crew is also going to reveal an all new website called the CHOP CULT dedicated to the chopper faithfull. Get signed up to get the inside dope. I hope it crushes the other forums that are so damn lame!
DieToRide RideToDie


  1. holly whats up i found u hopin to keep in touch w/u and some of the boyz had an amazing time w/u all at suzies hope to do it again!!!!!
    sharri , the tattooed girl

  2. Hey Sharri - Not Holly, this is Paul. Long Goatee dude. If you wanna see what the guys are up to:

  3. wanna find one of u dont any of u have myspaces?

  4. nevermind i handled it thanks goatee guy!