Monday, July 6, 2009

We Have A Winner

A guy named Cody and his mid 50's pre-unit Triumph 650. Stolen from the Cycle Zombies blog.

Going against what 99% of people on the Jockey Journal would do, he took a bolt on hardtail off and put the original swing arm frame back on. Don't know how the bike looked before, but this stripped down style, 50's era swingarm beats a bolt on rigid any day.


  1. That`s a lovely bike . Congrats to Cody for his discerning taste.

  2. .Angelfink1 thinks... That style of kustomizing is what the true bikelover/ triumph lover dose first. Strips it down then do your own thing. It was done in the "1957 to the races" pictures and it is done today. One thing though I drove a 650 triumph with a spool front hub you have to plan your braking all the time, that skidding rear brake all the time it's no fun.