Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1960's Style 1957 TR6

Submitted by Angelfink, our source for the 1957 Trip to the Races post. The note supplied with these pics in his words:
"These two pics are me at 18 years old. A young body and fender man I was so happy to get a bike . The first thing I did was to custom paint the tank, it was 100% stock but it had a new paint job. I did the typical things a young guy would do, stay out all night, hang out in topless bars, back then it was a buck a beer and ride with my buddies. One night, 3:00 am me and five or six guys leave the bar feeling good cranking about 80 MPH. I'm in the rear and all of a sudden the bike locks up the rear tire skidding. All my friends three sheets to the wind do'nt even see I'm gone. I pull in the clutch and slow to the side. In neutral I try to kick it over, it's frozen solid, after about 20 minutes I get it to start but something is not right, one cylinder is not firing but I had to get home. Chug chug chug all the way home, That 10 miles ride seemed like an eternity."

Ahh, another great tale of living the real Triumph motorcycle life. I believe the pics date from the very late 1960's. The uncut rear fender looks great with the chromed brace. Chrome oil tank and fork covers balance it out. The paint job is beautiful and I like the headlight bucket painted to match. But there is something else great here, Thee pointed toe suede leather boots! This is the second Triumph rider I've talked to that sported them cool ass boots. My local guy that goes by "W.B." had green suede pointed toed boots when he rode Triumph in the late 60's...


  1. Nice Bike , Nice Story , Nice Boots .

  2. I knew you would dig it. Thanks for the comment.

  3. A close look at the carb it looks like a kehin off a honda. The monoblock wore out?