Thursday, July 16, 2009

Real Period Custom Bikes For Sale

There are two incredibly cool Britbikes for sale on ebay now.

*********** SOLD FOR US $3,250.00 ***********

Touchy Toy is an unreal custom show bike from the 1960's. So rare to find bikes like this in original condition. The buy it now price is a steal. If I wasn't so deep in debt I'd buy it in a second. Compare this work of art to the unit construction 650 bolt on hardtail "bobbers" that go for $8,000 to $10,000 on ebay regularly that some guy threw together in a couple months with a tune up and spray paint. The custom Britbike market is ass backwards, but it does make for some good opportunities.

********** SOLD FOR US $3,550.00 ***********
And then there is this mid 1970's style BSA Rocket Three dragbike. Again mostly untouched. With all the right stuff including a Von Dutch paint job. The Dutch painted tank will probably raise the price of this bike quite a bit, otherwise it would probably be another steal. You could put shocks on it and a period Barnes / Airheart front wheel / brake set up and have one extremely cool street racer.
If any of you blog readers win these bikes let me know!

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