Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Rod Magazine's 1958 Bonneville Cycle Report

This article and and the dual engine Triumph dragbike feature posted previously are the earliest cycle stories I have that were printed in Hot Rod / car magazines. I don't know if there were any cycle stories in previous years, so for me this story on motorcycle record attempts at Bonneville for 1958 signifies a beginning of the American car magazines to cover the cycle scene. I have many articles from car magazines featuring Triumph Customs, Dragbikes and Land Speed machines, so stay tuned!
Kinda odd how they don't say much about the 1956 records in this article, but they do touch on the 1955 record attempts and the F.I.M. debacle. Still a really good read and a cool picture of the Jack Wilson built 500cc streamliner engine with alloy cylinder and splayed port head with Amal GP carbs. The 650 broke the frame during it's run and then loaded up with nitro after the repair ruining their chances at finding the full speed potential of the streamliner.

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