Monday, September 7, 2009

Webco Triumph Dual Intake Manifold Kit

From a 1962 magazine ad, the Webco dual carb kit for pre-unit iron 500's and all single carb 650's. Most every Triumph guy has seen the Webco dual carb manifolds but here is the dirt on the cable splitter. If you ordered the complete original kit it came with this cable splitter block. The block uses the same throttle cables as used on the early Bonneville's. Since there were plenty of cable splitting devices at the time that were simple and inexpensive it's hard to know why Webco spent the time and expense on this piece. As far as I know the splitter block was not made for long making it a very hard to find piece of the Webco puzzle. It is a beauty of Webco casting and design, somewhat bulky compared to a cable splitter tube, but with the extra feature of two performance settings. It has a standard pull and another setting for quick throttle! The pendulum in the center pivots on a steel shaft that is greasable. The whole unit moves smoothly and feels very strong. It is mounted directly above the exhaust rocker covers on the lower frame tube, so would be visible with a small gas tank.


  1. that is AWESOME!!! I never saw one in the wild

  2. Yes, those are sweet! A friend got a nos one with cables & papers, put it to use on his dual carb panhead. So it works on Harleys too...

  3. I have the paperwork too. It gives specs for setting up on a 1959 TR6. I've only seen three of these in my life. I had two, but sold one. As usual I wish I kept them both!