Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mega Cycle Part II

Here are some great pics of before the restoration sent in by Greaser Mike who has been giving Fritz a hand with parts finding. The overall condition of the bike was still really good and the paint job wasn't as bad as I was thinking. The seat is pretty horrid though and the whole truck was upholstered to match.

Here's a more recent pic of the build. Beautiful!

and this pic sent in by San Diego Pete is obviously the direction Fritz is going. Back to how it looked when it was first loaded up on the Mega Hauler and just how it was when featured in Choppers Magazine in 1968.


  1. I saw this bike and hauler in about '69 in the front of a auto junkyard on Alameda in LA. I don't remember the exact story. It was the period when Roth let the guy display it in return for some parts or some money owed? It looked like it was sitting outside for much longer than it had. The chrome was rusting and the paint and bondo was cracking with a few chunks missing. I checked it out real good. Roth got real pissed when he found out what happened when he went to get it. I couldn't understand why it was there at the time.

  2. Thanks for the story Chris. That would explain why the bike and truck were redone!