Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GLITTERCYCLE / Mega Cycle ???

Larry Howards Glittercycle as first seen in the previous Show-Bikes post from 1961. The first article is out of Hot Rod Magazine and the second is from Car Craft. I think they both date from 1962. The third article titled "SHOW BIKE" is out of a 1961 issue of Rod & Custom and was lifted from Nostalgia on Wheels. Lastly we have the Mega Cycle on Ed Roth's Mega Hauler on the cover of Choppers Magazine from 1968. At some point in the mid 60's did the Glittercycle get redone, losing the ribs along the top of the tank and the rear fender, having the tail lights molded in as well also gaining a new exhaust system that crosses over to the right side? I used to have this issue, but sold it when I was bucks down and unfortunately I did not scan the feature inside. The bike also had dual AMAL carbs with remote floats in this feature.

Currently being redone by Fritz, here's what the Mega Cycle looks like right now. The bike had been redone by Ed Roth and his son Darryl in the 1980's after it had spent a year out in the weather, neglected by a Junk Dealer that was the caretaker of it during that time. The Mega Cycle had been slightly modified during that rebuild with the addition of dual posa injector carbs with ignition coils mounted next to them resembling remote floats. It also had a Hallcraft mini disc type front wheel replacing the original front spool and a very 1980's paint and uphostery job.

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