Friday, September 11, 2009

Wild, Weird & Wonderful Customs

August 1963 Cycle World article reprinted by TriCor to be given as a hand out at dealerships. OK this type of thing is cool on a few different levels. The custom bike article itself getting the cover and the fact that the big east coast Triumph distributor used the custom angle for advertisement when at that time the Harley Co. was fully ignoring the custom scene. TriCor reprinted articles from Hot Rod, Cycle World, Motorcyclist and others throughout the years and printed up these free brochures. Some of them are road tests, stories on speed records or customs, like this beauty. No less than four of the Triumph's pictured in this story later found their way into magazine features. The life of a show bike tends to be longer than that of the street bike. Those stories coming soon!

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