Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Emerald aka 20th Century Fox?

Another Triumph from the Cycle World custom bike article below. These first two pics were sourced from Wes White. They predate the Cycle world article from 1963.

"The Emerald" A perfectly executed, chromed out, skinny little dragster style show-bike.

Enter the 1970's.....

Even though the names of the owner are different, there is enough here to say with certainty that this is the same bike. The show headlights, the custom made oil tank, the whole intake setup, frame, tank etc. Really not too bad except for those ugly ass wide Z bars on backwards Flanders risers that kill the lines of the whole design. Like David Edwards Dutched Triumph this would be one to take back to it's original early 1960's condition.


  1. I`ve seen all these pics before , but I never made the connection ! Nice detective work .

  2. I'll have to agree with Missinglink. I've seen both bikes before but hey, they both have the same style tank with a chrome frame. The Emerald still rules high above the 20th Century Fox in my opinion.

  3. Definetly like the earlier version on the eye.

  4. I know something about these machines. The first picture in black & white was taken in early '61 with me sitting on it. The second pic was when I was building it in late 1960. My buddies all called it "Stick Bike" cause it was skinny, really different for the times. We had a club called the "Barbarians LAMC". My friend Jim Ferruccio built the one you see in the Cycle World show a couple years later, I made the oil tank on his, I was making it for mine but sold mine to a guy from Phoenix before I had a chance to use it so I gave it to Jim, He sold his machine to AJ Lewis. Some of us are still around & still riding.