Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hagon - Triumph Dragster Project

So a few months ago I'm doing some late night web searching and decide to punch in BSA dragbike into the Google bar. A Craigs list ad from Texas pops up listing a lot sale of a BSA A65 chopper chassis, a unit Triumph chopper chassis, some random parts and this little pic of a Triumph Hagon Dragster. This picture is the actual size that was in the listing. No details, but I can see what it is and because I know how rare these things are I don't need to see anymore. I call the guy first thing in the morning and start trying to work a long distance deal. Typical of these situations he's stuck on selling everything together making it impossible for me to get what I want. After some persuasion and counseling on how to really sell bike stuff, I make an offer and he accepts.

A few weeks later and all the parts get here in multiple boxes. He had told me that the bike was stored partially outside having been stashed under a deck for all these years so I knew there would be some corrosion issues. Luckily the frame and mounting brackets are almost all there with the exception of a couple pieces and this stuff looks to be mostly in very good condition. The frame appears straight and there are no nasty welds, bad rust or other B.S. and that beautiful Hagon fuel tank is undented or damaged in any way. Relief! I can say that 98% of it is there and it is a genuine Kosman supplied kit just like the Cycle World article from 1966. A box full of parts not pictured making up the rest of it.

Borrani Record rim as supplied from Kosman in good restorable condition with two slotted head, rim lock screws as done by Kosman. I have a pristine NOS Avon Drag Slick for this wheel when done.

The front end got the worst of the weathering. The Yamaha 60 front forks and wheel are shot! Unfortunatley the super neat Kosman made tripple trees are shot as well.

The alloy on these trees has come undone from corrosion, flaking off in layers like old particle board! I'm kinda torn right now on what to do for forks. I would use the same type of Yamaha 60 forks if I could find a good set, but I don't know what model they are from or where the hell to find them. Help appreciated! Or I could go early 1970's with the project and use baby Ceriani legs or 30mm Red Wings with a mini disc front brake, but Ceriani's are expensive and Red Wings a little late for this chassis. Right now I'm leaning towards using Triumph Terrier / early Cub fork legs and having replica Kosman tripple trees made to fit. I'm thinking of asking Kosman to make these trees for me to keep things in the family. Using Triumph Terrier legs would be period correct and fit the project well. If anyone has a good set for sale or trade please let me know.

Right out of the mid 1960's Hagon / Kosman playbook a WM-0 18" Borrani spool wheel with an extremely rare 2.00 - 18 Avon racing tire that I picked up at the San Jose Clubman's swap meet some years ago for $20.oo. The tire is in great shape and a better front hoop for this project does not exist...

A very HTF Avon racing tire. From what the Hagon Dragster article in Cycle World says these and all other racing tires with the exception of the slicks were discontinued by Avon in 1966.

2.00 - 18

I'm missing one of these lower mounts. I'd like to just have two new parts made to match this original. I can make them myself eventually, BUT I'd really like to have these made for me if anyone has the equipment to do them and could bust a couple out for the project. I would gladly pay cash or trade for them. Made of alloy plate. Also need a alloy push in fuel tank plug made. Anyone that would like to take this on for me please email:

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  1. Did you ever get your lower brackets made? I'm a cadd operator n could help you draw em up then send the drawings to Fab Kevin to have em cut. He's a really cool dude too. Lemme know. I don't want anything to do it, would just like to help. Larry