Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1957 Triumph TR5/A & 1956 TR5R

So the 1956 TR5R has been stuck in my head for awhile now fueling the need to build a period correct Clubman racer based loosely on it's specifications, but with aftermarket speed equipment and a show-bike finish. I have a 1957 TR5 engine/gearbox/frame and a bunch of super neat-o period parts that are calling to me to do this. Above are some rare specification sheets for the TR5R that were emailed to me recently.

One of the interesting bits of information that I have found possibly relating to the TR5 I have is this mention of a 1957 TR5/A Sports model listed in this Cycle magazine feature on the Triumph line for 1957. I couldn't find any more information on this model so I coughed up the dough for the "Triumph Trophy Bible" by Harry Woolridge after being told it was the definitive resource. Well it is a helluva good Triumph book with lots of really cool ISDT bikes that I had not known about and a lot of new information including some more info on the '56 TR5R. It turns out that there were some TR5R's made in 1957 as well with varying specifications and the book lines those out pretty well. Unfortunately there is no information on the various /A and /B models described in the Cycle magazine article. As far as I know /A and /B models were something that was done by TriCor and JoMo as models were changed slightly for customers as well as the competition machines mentioned. So I don't think there are any Triumph factory records for these early /A and /B bikes and whatever info there might be would be in the States? If there are any records of the engine numbers of the TR5/A Sports model I would really like to see them. Anyone that has even a scrap of info on this subject or any parts and literature for sale or trade please email me: kustomhut13@yahoo.com


  1. in the last little segment they are referring to the Tiger 100RS, the swingarm version of the Tiger 100RR (rigid flat tracker). The TR5R had all the lighting equiptment, etc, also it had staight back dual remote float carbs, not the splayed port Delta head like the RS. Anyone with any parts for one should contact me at fouracescycle@aol.com