Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hagon - Triumph Drag Bike

The original Hagon Dragster chassis kit made for Triumph pre-unit and unit construction engines as well as unit BSA's and Honda 450's. This style of frame only lasted for a few years before being modified to hold both fuel and oil in the frame tubes, and getting rid of the seperate grass track type fuel tank. Sold excusively in the U.S. by Kosman M/C Specialties in Daly City California. This kit was the beginning of a long line of motorcycle drag racing components either made or distributed by Kosman and the shop is still making parts for modern dragbikes today. Kosman was one of the first outfits to provide disc brake kits using parts from Barnes, Hurst Airheart and their own components. They also made remote oil filters, custom alloy oil tanks and lots of other neat stuff. Kosman parts are rarely marked with the name so be carefull before you toss that old funky disc brake setup that no one has a clue as to what it is. Send my a picture first!
1966 Cycle World


  1. Thanks for all of the interesting drag bike information. Keep it coming.


  2. Lots more to post, stay tuned. Looking forward to updates on your show-dragster!