Saturday, November 7, 2009

Moon Eyes Motorcycle Trailer

Maybe not the safest rig for your prized cycles, but how cool is this thing? Dragster wheels and a tube dropped axle with Ford spindles! Two bikes up and a encounter with a bad pot hole is an unslettling thought though...
1966 Cycle World new products article

This pic from a 1970 Peterson's Motorcycle Sport Quarterly

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  1. A note from Angelfink, I built this trailer this past summer, the summer of 2009.I made it a little different from the plans from the magazine.I dug up an old rod and custom,it was a 1966 issue in the magazine they had it bolt together,I made it welded together.The main difference I made was 16 inch harley wheels on it not the smaller wheels.It will take a 650 triumph in the center rail, but I would'nt take it a long distance. Show and go is the ultimate triumph custom blog site. Bar none!