Monday, November 16, 2009

Chuck Adam's "Edgy One" Triumph Pre-Unit Drag Bike

Picture perfect early 1960's Drag Scene

The photos have made their rounds about the web, but here is the backround info from a 1966 issue of Cycle World. A early custom made big bore cyilinder block and some very trick engine building making for a 10 second machine!

The early version before the frame stretch and tube tanks. Show quality.

Need to stretch those legs! New tube tanks and blue frame.

The frame stretch is clearly visable here before paint. From blue back to silver.

Unintended destretch for sure...


  1. The frame was never stretch,it was being repaired after the motor torch pulled the rear wheel forward.The frame had a V welded in the rear to make it stronger.Rear wheel was a loner off Boris murrey's twin and was just to wide.Bike was painted blue to match the Triumph 750 triple for a car show in AZ.Triumph put a stock triumph 750 next to it to promote the line.The bike stayed blue til I lost the bike around 1977.I still have the helmet that was painted the same color
    Larry THomas
    Son of Chuck Adams

  2. I bought the bike from Chuck almost 35 years ago and it stayed in storage until last year when I brought it out of my storage garage.Chuck had machined a 1000cc barrel for the bike with new fordgetrue pistons.A lot of the engine parts Chuck had machined himself,the bike had evolved over a period of years from a real pristine street bike to a full on Top Fueler.It is a beautifull example of and early style 50s,60s Top Fuel bike,and it had also been a show bike for many years.It still wears the metalflake blue paint job that Chuck had given it with "Edgy One" painted on the tanks.It is a great example of Hot Rod History,as I saw so many of these bikes run at Lions Drag strip in the 60s,Clem Johnson,Borris Murray,Dick Rios,C.T.Christensen,Joe Smith,Russ Collins,so many other greats,it was a great period in those years with so many Drag Strips to run at.
    Daryl Plueger