Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jonnie Green's 1956 TR5R & Jaye Strait Restorations

Got these pics in a email from Jonnie of his absolutely amazing 1956 TR5R that is #74 of 112 built that year. Looks to be unrestored and completely original. I didn't think any would have survived in this condition. To make it even better it has a TriCor Tachometer kit. Unbelievable.

Original cylinder head and 79 carb set unlike all the restored examples I've seen that have the 1957 Delta Splayed Port head. Green label Lucas Racing Magneto!

These are the first good pics I've seen of the rear set footpegs. Brilliant!

Jonnies bike also has the same handlebars as the factory brochure pics unlike the restored examples I've seen.

David Hernández contributed these two pics taken from "TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES TWINS AND TRIPLES" by Tim Remus, of a Jaye Strait restoration built up from frame and matching engine cases.

This TR5R was restored by Jaye Strait as well for Mike Whitney and now has the correct factory Megaphones added since this picture was taken.

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