Friday, August 14, 2009

Report of Triumph Abuse From Florida

"I thought I'd send along a few pics, I've spent the past several months enjoying the old photo's you've been posting up of people using big Triumphs in ways people nowadays think is crazy. A few of us in St. Augustine, Fl have been running converted road bikes and a Tr5t in AHRMA vintage cross country for the past couple of seasons. They are tanks at best, but are serious fun to ride. Mine is a 64' T100, which recently bit me, shoving straight through my fibula and tibia (I'm in a cast as I write this), Max is on the oily frame Tr6 (curently leading our class), and George is on the Tr5t. Anyway, great blog. Keep it up.

Thanks for the pics and email Scott. You guys keep it up too. Looks easy to keep the bike up when your stuck in axle deep mud!


  1. Isn`t it great to see old bikes being used the way they should be .

  2. Absolutely. There's loads of parts around to keep them going, so no reason not to.