Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Rod Ideas Part II Custom Show Bikes

Nice collection of Triumph Pre-unit customs, a BSA and a HD garbage wagon. The top two bikes on the first page both have close pitch fin alloy motors with delta dual carb heads! The Triumph drag bike is sporting the super rare finned timing cover (Wanted). I love the way the story is told. It reminds me of one of those shockumentary narrators from a 1960's Mod/Hippie film. The last story in this book is about painting a Bell helmet with the new MetalFlake paint. I think 1960/61 is the start of the era for period correctness of the flake and the 1950's was the era of candies and pearls.
1961 Hot Rod Ideas


  1. This post and the last one are thee business .
    Shame about the garbage wagon.

  2. Nice stuff! I can never get enough of pics like these, & the "garbage wagon"... At least the paintjob looks good.

  3. That is such an awesome magazine and I've never seen those pictures before. That rainbow colored triumph also appears in a 1961 Cycle Magazine but its only a small shot, unlike this awesome full paged spread. That finned timing cover dragster is amazing as well as that other trumpet with small pinner tank and scoopy rear fender. I'll have to find this issue! Great stuff!

  4. Check out the next issue of Greasy Kulture, #11.

    I have a history of metalflake article in there.