Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Q Air Filters for Triumph

The "Q" air filter. I don't have any info on these but have a couple old Triumph's that are in desperate need of one. I will pay top dollar for any in good shape and offer a high trade value if it's parts your looking for. I will also pay a finders fee if anyone can locate me a good one. If you have any info whatsoever on these like who made them and when etc. Please comment or email!


  1. Hi
    I just bought the blue TR6c above and it's currently in a container with another one on it's way to the UK, what is special about these Q filters?

  2. I have determined that they were not distributed by JoMo or Tricor, but were aftermarket filters made for 1960's era Southern California desert racing. I am trying to find one for a period correct desert sled I'm building. If you plan on restoring the bike and are not going to use that filter please let me know. Thanks, Paul