Friday, August 21, 2009

1962 Triumph T120 Bonneville Road Test

From the very first issue of Cycle World Magazine we have this Bonneville road test and the Triumph models for 1962 posted below. This issue is a fun read cover to cover and a great start for a magazine that survives today as thee best magazine covering the entire sport of motorcycling like no other title. Cycle World continues to reflect on the past while delivering the goods on what's happening today, and I dig that. This is a good follow up motorcycle test to the 1960 T120 test posted previously by Motorcyclist Magazine. Apparently the mid intersection "conk out" was cured and performance was impressive as usual for a high performance model Triumph from this period.

Here's another interesting article from this issue:
Is it worth painting your entire engine black for .5 HP? I don't know but it was worth posting for the title alone.

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