Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1961 Bates Catalog

A choice selection from 1961

Always looking to buy Bates seats!

This Triumph tank pad is too cool. WANTED!

Leather throttle pads WANTED. Email

These grips look a lot like Anderson grips, but they came in white too! Maybe they were. Anderson grips are probably your best bet for period correctness.

That "live" rubber is the best ever made. These pegs are long wearing and never dry out or crack apart. Unlike the offshore garbage that has been reproduced for Triumph pegs and kicker rubbers for the past couple decades. That stuff fly's apart after one kick!



  1. I have at least one set of throttle pads. I'll look around for more. The set is going on my next project, but I think I know where there is more. I'll keep you informed.
    Flathead Jedd