Monday, June 29, 2009

Triumph Wins 1957 National Endurance Championship

TR6 is tops. Gotta love WWII combat pilot Ralph Adam's comment on his Trophy 650 being a smoother ride than his P-51 Mustang!


  1. Some people put a price on everything , and some men do things for the shear joy of the experience.

  2. Reading about all these old weekend endurance runs, trials and such has me dreaming of doing something like them on period correct bikes just for the fun of it, but there's probably not enough suitable vintage bikes around to make it work, my own competition style cycles not being done yet either...

  3. I am going to put my 1956 TR6 back to the way it was desinged.Dirt gearing two into one tuck up pipes skip plate 400/18 inch rear 325/19 front knobby tires. That would be a great ride.Safty wire the gas tank, mono blocks three screws no lights just the magneto to spark it to life.