Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Smallest Custom Triumph Feature Ever

This tiny picture of a custom rigid Triumph was just too cool not to post. It is from a 1957 story on a Triumph lottery put on by dealers such as Bill Johnson, Bud Ekins and others to give away a new Triumph. Click on the picture to see an enlarged version. The bike pictured has a really well done reversed head conversion with the carbs sticking out forward. The whole bike is an excellent example of a California style Triumph show bike. Chrome fork covers, California bars, no front fender, small headlight, small gas tank with flames, Bates solo seat, front fender mounted backwards on the rear etc. The backwards cylinder head deal does not make a lot of sense to me from a mechanical point of veiw. The exhaust side does not get the cool air it needs and any ram air effect is also going to pick up sand and rocks directly into the motor, etc. I really haven't liked most of the reversed head Triumph customs I've seen before either but this one is perfect. I would love to see some better pictures of it.

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