Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1957 Triumph T110

The TR6 was hot stuff by 1957 dominating most American off road racing and they probably did not stay on the dealership floors for long. So here we have a focus on the T110 in the old Edward Turner style with headlight nacelle and valanced rear fender. Still a very sleek road machine for the rider that does not intend to leave the street. A classic with the 8" vented front brake and super sports motor. The tie in to the Texas streamliner is a good one since the T110 motor is a tuned version of the T-Bird. I like the ad lines "Get hep" and "Join the big swing to Triumph". This bike with very little changes was soon to become the twin carb Bonneville. New hi-fi exhaust system? Dig that jive.

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