Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1957 Triumph Line

Three different TR5 models? I have a 1957 TR5 project and am wondering if it could be a 5/A or 5/B. I doubt those designations were stamped on the motor, but does anyone know for sure? Please comment with any info. If anyone knows where to go to get numbers traced please provide info via comment as well.


  1. Sorry , can`t help with the TR5 thing . No 3TA listed ? Interesting.

  2. Wes from Four Aces Cycle is gonna try and help me out with the TR5 ID. The Triumph model announcements in the magazines typically came out in December of the previous year so anything Triumph released during the actual model year wasn't in these articles. There is a 3TA article from later in the year. Votes for posting it???

  3. I vote yes . I know they`re nobodys favourite Triumph , but it`s a landmark model that shows what was to come.