Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dual Carburetor Manifolds for Triumph 650's Old and New

The original dual carburetor manifold as offered from TriCor that will fit all 650 single carb cylinder heads from 1950 up. 1-1/16" intake bores.

I just recently aquired this kit complete with hardware and these neat formica insulating spacer blocks that include a balance tube provision. The original kits as offered in 1957 did not have this type of block with the balance fittings and I'm not sure when this feature was added. Not very pretty, but I was thinking about making some type of fabbed and chromed hard line for a cleaner, custom look.

The new manifold sold by ebay seller zanewillcameille . He makes some neat parts that are designed to work and look good. He's also a life long Triumph guy that drag raced back in the day and currently has a land speed pre-unit that he completely built from the ground up. His 650 manifold is cut to take ground down allen mounting bolts allowing for a larger intake bore diameter of 1-3/16".

With his alloy spacer blocks you could port it out to 1-1/4" or bigger. A really nice looking set up and if you can't deal with the billet look (I know, I'm f*cked in the head that way too) a lite sanding and repolishing to take off edges and machine marks should have these looking just right on the polished TR6 cylinder head.

There's been a bunch of other dual carb manifolds made over the years for Triumph twins. Some good, some not so. For neat looks and all around coolness you can't beat the Webco manifolds. Not the greatest from a high performance standpoint because the intake tracts are not straight, but they were actually designed to fit in the tight space of the factory rigid pre-unit's to clear the battery and oil tank and be able to run velocity stacks. Running this setup on my chopper now and loving it. Gotta go now my carbs are out of synch again!

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