Friday, June 4, 2010

Hagon - Kosman Triumph Dragbike - SOLD -

Well, after getting my garage pretty well lined out, and getting a feel for what kind of progress I can make month to month I've come to the conclusion that I have enough projects for more than one lifetime. Not being a true hoarder (I've got to do a hoarder vs. collector vs. builder post one of these days) Ive decided that one vintage drag bike restoration project for me is enough. I still have the remains of the Triumph dragbike that was featured in the August 1961 issue of Hot Rod that has also become a thread on the jockey journal, and am happy to say I have been making some progress with it lately. I will to do a sneak peek post on it soon.

Long story short, I've decided to sell the Hagon - Kosman Triumph Dragster kit as posted HERE, HERE & HERE previously in the blog. This type of dragbike is about as rare as they come and it will probably not go for big money. In fact it will probably sell for less than some Bates seats go for these days so if you ever wanted a real deal Triumph dragbike project take a look HERE. Only one other time have I seen a Hagon dragster frame for sale and it was bare, missing all the associated parts. This collection has all the hard to find parts...
SOLD FOR $1625.00


  1. Go man go... Let's see some progress on that deal! I keep looking around at my stash and realizing I have enough stuff too, kinda!Too many irons in the fire though... Chip Quinn

  2. Looks like it went for Bates seat money!