Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Born Free pics

From Jon Rispante

This one's been on the road a long time. I remember seeing it at a SoCal swap meet about 10+ years ago. A sweet strutted Triumph.

The Classic Cycles Inc. early 60's style showbike restoration. Loved seeing this one first hand. I got to meet Andy from Classic Cycles too. I was having some troubles with my chopper's oiling system and Andy offered me the use of his shop the night before the show and Sunday as well telling me that anyone from the club could come up and use his facilities that needed to wrench on their bikes. Very cool! There was some super neat Triumphs in the Classic Cycles line up.

I took the lazy option and worked on the bike in the Super 8 parking lot, drinking beers before the after show party at Alex's bar. The fix lasted for about 150 miles on the way back and then wet sumped again and back into the chase rig she went!


  1. Sounds like an adventure was had! Chip

  2. It was and a helluva good time begining to end!