Thursday, June 24, 2010

Desert Trippin'

"Hi there
I thought this might interest you. 2 triumphs in the desert , taken 1964. The guy in the middle with the funny hat , Is "seldom seen slim " Who lived in the (all alone) ghost town of ballerat for 50 years. Part of Easy Rider was shot in Ballerat. And i believe that they actually met this guy when they shot the film in the spring off 68 .He died in August 1968"

Best regards
Niels Bjørn Christensen

I wanna do this so bad. Set up a old Triumph just for exploring and camping out in nowhere'sville. Forgot who sent me this pic, sorry!

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  1. neat. i'm going to have to google that ghost town now. i can't imagine being the only person living in a town for years and years. i'm weird enough as it is in a town with millions ha.