Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jon Rispante's Bikes at Born Free

The Assasin is DONE and is a beauty to behold. I met Jon for the first time as he pulled up to the show in the morning and was getting his bikes unloaded. As I was taking in the coolness of the Assasin and impressive build quality of this lightly restored masterpeice, I asked if it was in running condition. Without hesitation Jon got on, fired her up, and blasted away with no helmet, riding up and down the street, looking like he might just ride away. Sounded killer, looked killer.

Jon did very little cosmetically besides cleaning. He did add the neat spot lights because the bike was missing headlights to go on the super funky, yet super cool double light mounts. I can't imagine better lights to use. He also replaced the orginal bars with drags. The Born Free gal in the picture above looks like she's edging up to the lights! The majority of Jon's work was in the mechanical resto. The old flaky and rusted chrome, missing paint and other patina take nothing away from this bike and in some ways add to it. The Michigan license plate is the final touch alluding to the possible history of this one of a kind period survivor. Jon deserves the Knights Cross for this one.

Jon had his Trio of Triumphs there with a nicely done show card to go with them. The Grasshopper has a newly painted gas tank that is the perfect finishing touch for his Street / Trail custom. What a fine collection of Triumph motorcycles.

And he got the attention of Dawn Rosa Cole from the Horse magazine. Keep an eye on the magazine stands for a feature on The Grasshopper in the future!


  1. The assasin is so titties. I would have to flip a coin to award best of show to The Assasin or Mark Drew's pan.

    Bummer about the broad on the grasshopper. The lady on the assasin is a much better fit.

  2. That grasshopper is one of the coolest swingarm pre-units I've seen to date!