Monday, March 29, 2010

San Jose Clubman's All British Show & Swap 2010

Another successful Clubman's Show and Swap has come and gone. I will be doing posts covering it for the remainder of the week. I'll start off with what I brought home. For the first fifteen minutes or so I was thinking this was the year I don't buy anything, but then things started coming together and I picked up things here and there for the rest of the day. This top picture is the first pile of parts I bought that morning. Two near new looking MCM chrome battery covers for Triumph Preunit's, and a cool holed out sprung hub brake plate. I will be using these on my early '60s showbike project. Center of picture, NOS in the bag extended chrome for covers for '60 to '63 Triumph. Not MCM but I have old chopper ads for these and I've never found a set for preunit's so was excited to grab them. To the right a Kosman Oil Filter mount, and a Dunstall? type fiberglass front fender I'm hoping will fit the Ceriani Road Race forks I have.

Pre-unit spool wheel. The spool is exactly the same as the one on the early 1960's dragbike I'm rebuilding. Crappy pictures and the grime make it hard to see, but it is super small, made of steel and has a grease zirk fitting. 1950's vintage I believe. Webco looking alloy wheel spacer on one side.

Trail bike stuff... I'm not sure why I gave the guy $30 for the fender and didn't offer $20? The luggage rack is stamped Triumph. Old 1960's era Triumph luggage racks WANTED.

Bought a Cub oil tank in a new, non Clubman's outdoor M-C swap area and was starting to pack up my stuff into the truck when I spied these two crates full of triple trees by the exit. As I'm digging through them looking for a good Triumph bottom tree the guy says, "why don't you just buy both crates?" and gave me a price that was very reasonable so that's what I did. I ended up with multiple sets of 1960's era Triumph Trees in really good shape for the projects and some extra stuff to sell. The Japanese stuff went in the dumpster. No offense, I just don't have the time to deal with it.

I have no clue what these are. The top set is probably mismatched. Please comment or email if you can identify.

I think these are BSA single stuff ???
Top and bottom sets are slightly different widths.

So the same guy offers me this crate of oil tanks for a price that could not be refused and let me throw in a Triumph pre-unit brake pedal and a nice Triumph rear brake plate to boot.

The 1959 Triumph tank in the upper right was the best find inside. The BSA A65 type tank has a threaded filler hole which I've never seen before.

Not sure what these two tanks are off of. Help via comment or email appreciated!

I came home with not much less money than what I left with so a good swap day for sure. Max and Ronnie had infiltrated the All British swap in search of Wassell treasures, but none were found as far as I saw. Had a great chat with Jonnie Green and saw all my usual swap meet friends. Definitely an awesome swap meet day!


  1. Damn! Your swaps are just a touch better than ours I'd say! We had one of our biggies for the year sunday. It was great if you are into American stuff or Jap and euro dirt bikes, but English stuff is a bit thin on the ground around here. A bit off topic, but you mentioned your drag bike project- how about some pictures? As I look around the ruins off my shop and slowly work on my show bike , I realize I have enough stuff for a '62 era drag bike too! Ideas please!

  2. Chip, The list of excuses for why the dragbike rebuild hasn't been covered yet is long and boring, but the main reason is I have not finished the frame yet. It needed some reworking and I'm getting close to finishing it. Then it's mostly a matter of bolting parts on. Hope to debut the progress this spring!