Thursday, March 25, 2010

1960's Bay Area Choppers

For anyone that hasn't found their way HERE yet, you have to check out the amazing pictures with history he has posted of the Bay Area custom chopper scene of the late 1960's 1970's.

There is something in particular that gives this bike some really nice lines. Besides the frame rake job and near stock length forks it is the pipes that show off the frame without hiding the bottom of the bike that I think looks really good. They are not you ordinary TT pipes. They are a special TT by MCM that stay about a tire width apart at the bottom, and I have a NOS set. Anyone know of a outfit that can reproduce exhaust pipes on the cheap???


  1. Hey Paul- There is a guy by the name of Gary who reproduces flattrack yamaha xs650, and tt500 pipes he might be your guy... heres his ebay sellers page :