Wednesday, March 17, 2010

/ Kuhl Custom Chopper Part II

Published only six months after the previous article the story has changed and Giroux has been dropped from the bikes history. The bike is finished and looks to be road worthy just lacking a license plate. Quite a few detail changes including the top fork triple clamp , a new sissy bar and paint job. It looks like there is a different gas tank as well which would be a helluva lot of work considering they are both molded to the frame. I think the rear frame has been stretched a bit longer and I just noticed a chrome battery box behind the tranny that would make the lights runnable until a recharge was necessary.

1969 Cycle Guide


  1. First thing I see is that it is a different frame - the first bike is on a '50-'53 ridged frame, the newer version is on a '54-'59 swing arm with a ridged section grafted on. Look at where the center post goes on both. Cool bike either way, but I think I like the first version better! Chip Quinn from Phoenix.

  2. Dang, I was so busy looking for detail changes I missed the frame swap! Well that would explain the different gas tank. I like the first version better too.