Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pipe Dream

From Cycle Guides 1969 Custom Annual. A great How-To 100 page magazine on the exploding chopper scene of the time. Definitely worth searching for. I've seen some of the other bikes from the magazine featured in other issues, but I've never seen anything else on the "Pipe Dream". This picture expresses the beauty of the Triumph motorcycle engine so well. Love the contrast of the paint, chrome and polished aluminium. This bike is really interesting with the unique gas tank and what looks to be a really stripped down swingarm design. Anyone know anything more about this one?


  1. Paul ,it was definitely featured in an early issue of Cycle Guide under the name "Pipe Dream" unfortunately I cant give you any details as I only have two pages of the feature on my photocopy file .
    Cheers Rene

  2. Right on - I figured that it probably got a feature in Cycle Guide at some point. Another old magazine to search for! Anyone have the date?? Thanks Rene.