Monday, March 22, 2010

...DTMC...Dice Magazine...Max Schaaf...Full Throttle...

From the time me and four other of my club brothers split out of town riding side by side until 24 hours later when we all rolled back in, so much happened it's hard to believe it was only one day and night. It would fun to write up the story, but not prudent. Matt & Dean are not just putting out the best chopper magazine, but they have also become the rulers of the biker bar party. Max Schaaf twisted back the throttle out of Oakland and beyond to the very limits of what is survivable and the DeathTrap boys were there to appreciate it. To Matt, Dean, Max and everyone that came. Nicely done my friends!


  1. paul...
    that was one to remember.
    thanks dude. good catchin up.
    it was an honor that you let
    me run up front with tod.